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Qwik-Dry’s Wood Floor Cleaning Service

Cleaning wood floors can be quite the challenge. You may be asking yourself questions like: “​What kind of wood floors do I have?”, “How do I remove all the polishes and cleaners that have been applied over the years?” a​ nd​ “Do my floors need to be sanded down to get them back to how I remember them?”​. Have reassurance knowing that we can provide you with answers to your questions! Our team will book a visit to conduct a detailed inspection and inform you of the cleaning processes we recommend. We offer dry clean, wet clean, re-finish and buffing services – all to bring the beauty back to your wood floors and leave them looking spectacular!

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Method

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At Qwik-Dry, we have a few different methods for the wood floor cleaning process. We may use a dry powder that attracts dirt or perform a wet clean and scrub your wood floor; it all depends on the hardness of the wood floor and what’s been applied to it over a certain period of time – something that we decide upon during the pre-inspection.

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We are able to restore the original beauty to your wood floors by removing the embedded soils and dirt that have built up over time, using damp bonnets and floor pads to do so.

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Upon cleaning and restoring your wood floors, we also offer a service of laying down a blended finish to protect them from normal wear and tear. You can choose from a couple of options, with Glossy and Matte being two of the most popular finishes.

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Our team are all educated and trained to handle wood floor cleaning tasks. With so many potential avenues to take when it comes to cleaning this floor type, it’s best to ask for a free estimate today. With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautifully-cleaned wood floors in no time!

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